Investors Information

White Sands Resort and Residence is the first development project undertaken by White Sands Holdings Lda, a joint-venture company between Singapore (WS Development Pte Ltd) and Timor Leste (White Sands Lda).

Apart from White Sands Resort & Residence, White Sands Holdings has also ventured into other businesses through the following platforms:

WS Food & Beverages Co. Lda

Bringing local delights and favourites cuisines from Singapore, our F&B outlet "The Kitchen" located at the food court in Timor Plaza offers quality Asian and Western food a at mass market prices.

Our signature recipes - Chicken Rice, Dumpling (Wantun) and Curry Noodles are rated among the best in Dili while our Western Menu such as Chicken Cutlets and Spring Chickens are all time favourites for all people.

WS Resources Lda

Leveraging our roots in Singapore and our associated companies in Indonesia, Malaysia and China, our trading firm provides import and export services for a wide range of commodities ranging from Fast Moving Consumer Goods  to Building Construction Equipment and Materials.

We also offer business consultancy services, and specialised in Supply Chain Management.

United Builders Lda

Armed with comprehensive knowledge of construction know-hows from Singapore, and having a good grasp in demographics provided by the local partner, United Builders has the necessary requisites and fundamentals to offer integrated construction services to stakeholders in Timor Leste.

We focus competently on two major lines of business, namely Building Construction, and Facilities Management. Our teams of professionals offer customized solutions tailored to the clients’ needs and develop a strategic approach towards project planning and execution of construction activities and maintenance programme, thus realizing the project at its most economical cost.